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Termite inspection

An interior and exterior visual timber pest inspection carried out in accordance with Australian Standards.

So, you think you may have termites…….STOP…….do not poke, prod, spray or disturb in anyway. Call an experienced, licensed pest technician for advice.

Termites are a highly destructive pest and a major cause of economic damage to homes in Australia. One in three homes have been affected by termite damage.

Any structure containing wood is at risk of subterranean termite infestation unless protective measures are taken.

Why should I have regular termite inspections?

Beneath the fine appearance of your home, there could be an unseen army of Termites (white ants) working in the dark of your foundations, slab edges, interior walls and roof cavity attacking the timbers.

It takes the trained eye and years of experience for a professional pest technician/inspector to locate the signs of these infestations.

Termites are secretive by nature and can travel up to 500m underground.

Contributing factors to termite attack can be poor drainage and ventilation, both are assessed at the time of an inspection.

The cost of regular Termite Inspections is a worthwhile investment to avoid what could be a very costly situation.

Let Paisley Pest Services provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that those “Dwellers in the Dark” are not present in the grounds of your home.