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Rodent eradication

A rodents prominent incisor teeth grow continuously therefore gnawing is a natural and necessary survival behaviour of the rat and mouse. It is common, should they have accessed your roof void, for them to gnaw on wiring.

A mouse can gain access through a hole the size of the tip of your little finger, a rat requires the size of the tip of your thumb. The main areas of entry are doors, trellis and climbing plants, vents and penetrations for plumbing and electricals.

Limiting food, water and shelter makes it harder for the rodent to survive and increases the effectiveness of control strategies.

There are a variety of traps on the market including curiosity traps, sticky boards and snap traps. The placement of these devices is critical to their success however can be a costly process.

You may engage Paisley Pest Services to carry out a rodent baiting service. The baits used in urban areas are anticoagulant rodenticides and are confined to roof voids and lockable external bait boxes.